sabato 14 luglio 2018

"Why Wait to Eliminate all Nuclear Weapons?"

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“...In the meantime the whole lot of the Nordic and Baltic countries have been Nato-militarized beyond any reasonable defence requirements and are conducting and preparing gigantic Nato exercises officially directed against Russia; Columbia has become of the Nato Partnership for Peace against a background that experiences the assault on all progressive countries in Latin America; Libya and Iraq have been shattered to near death, Syria is still there only thanks to Russia and Iran; Georgia will join Nato;The US Fleet invades  South China waters, Pompeo demands North Korea to totally abandon the nuclear assets that hitherto have assured its survival, lethal sanctions intend to put a series of non obedient countries on their knees. All of this has been done under Trump, or under someone that makes Trump lead the world this way. No changes in US foreign policies since end of World War 2. Those that deviate, are done away with...”

Fulvio Grimaldi

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