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Italian squallor: "The 10 richest people in Italy have more money than the 3 million poorest"

Once upon a time....

Today it is very easy to pick on the capitalist system; it is like picking on the Red Cross in a battlefield. Everybody knows the total failure of this economic system based on social inequality, as the system is ruled by the law of "the big fish eats the small one".

Unemployment, loss of purchasing power and increasing taxes are factors everyone who lives in a capitalist country is familiar with, but, unfortunately, as a result of the daily brainwashing we are subject to, we lost the ability to be angry, reality goes in one ear and out the other ear!

But some things can still affect the sleeping Italian Masses - for example the fact that the 10 richest people in Italy have more money than the 3 million poorest (source: ANSA - Bank Italia).

It seems to be unbelievable and a sad joke, I know, but is today's horrible reality in Italy and evidence of the inaccuracy of the capitalism system; this is the nightmare that keeps people up at night.

The answer to the problem is easy because the problem is the wages slavery:

"Why do workers receive wages? Because they carry out a production process for the benefit of others who hire them to produce a certain product. In this case, they do not consume what they produce; rather, they are compelled to concede their product for wages. Hence, the sound rule: those who produce consume. Wage-earners, however improved their wages may be, are a type of slave.

Wage-earners are but slaves to the masters who hire them. They are temporary slaves, and their slavery lasts as long as they work for wages from employers, be they individuals or the state. The workers' relationship to the owner or the productive establishment, and to their own interests, is similar under all prevailing conditions in the world today, regardless of whether ownership is right or left. Even publicly-owned establishments give workers wages as well as other social benefits, similar to the charity endowed by the rich owners of economic establishments upon those who work for them.

(extract from THE GREEN BOOK).

Indeed, the 10 richest people in Italy are the people who make the most from this type of slavery:

Michele Ferrero (Ferrero Industry) 14,2 Billion Euros;
Leonardo del Vecchio (Luxottica Industry): 8,6 Billion Euros;
Paolo Rocca (Tenaris Industry) 6 Billion Euros;
Giorgio Armani (Armani fashion group) 5,4 Billion Euros;
Miuccia Prada (Prada fashion group) 5,1 Billion Euros;
Gianfelice Rocca (Tenaris Industry) 4,5 Billion Euros;
Silvio Berlusconi (Fininvest Group, former Italian P.M.) 4,4 Billion Euros;
Patrizio Bertelli (A.D. Prada fashion group) 2,7 Billion Euros;
Stefano Pessina (Unichem Industry ) 1,9 Billion Euros;
Luciano Benetton and family (Benetton Fashion group) 1,5 Billion Euros.
Now close your eyes and imagine the long list with the names of the 3 million poorest people of Italy, 3 million of Paolo, Luca, Michele, Silvio, Lucia, Anna, Maria etc, 3 million of Italians without a famous surname, 3 million of normal Italians.

And if you are able to visualize this long list, then you are able to understand the failure of the capitalist system and the accuracy of Third Universal Theory.

Open your Eyes before it is too late!

Green Charter South Europa Committee

Source: The Italian case: the failure of the capitalist system
Twitter: @greencharter_se
Diaspora: green_charter_south_europa*


Post Scriptum sugli "squallor":

(Gli Squallor sono stati un gruppo musicale italiano attivo dal 1971 al 1994)

Il ritorno degli Squallor - A volte ritornano.. come il gruppo che canta e suona a Palazzo Chigi, il "monti mario, detto il bancario, band" ha preso tutto dagli Squallor, od almeno ci prova... Ma chi erano questi Squallor, li ricordate? Nelle loro cantate la politica è vista come qualcosa di sospetto, come nella canzone Confucio (intesa come confusione), dove un politico parla ad un comizio dinanzi a gente disinteressata o pronta a riempirlo di meritati improperi.." (P.D'A.)

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