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American Default… and nearing to the next world war for control of planetary resources – by Paolo D’Arpini

What’s going on – One of the reasons that makes it very likely a third world war is that America is close to bankruptcy, and the only way out without having to face an internal revolution, with unpredictable consequences, rest in tryng to control these foreign states with whom he contracted foreign debt .. or that could compete with its power production and military, by creating difficulties in his economic recovery.
These nations are quickly identified: China and Russia.

Then there is the factor that oil supply is nevertheless indispensable for the maintenance of both the technology and food (all of U.S. agriculture is based in agro / industry and use of agricultural machinery), as well as transportation and global trade take place all through the petroleum … Hence the push to invade first Iraq and Libya and now Iran.

In short, the end of the system is inevitable, with what consequences? One of the indirect effects, in preparation for the next catastrophe is hard servitude of nations of strategic interest, which may serve as a basis for continental missile attack.

Obviously we can clearly see the “privileged” position of Italy, called the U.S. aircraft carriers, which suggests the need for close political control (the Governissimo) and military on the peninsula that will absorb as much of an impact of the conflict at hand.

So government Monti Mario (or his worst successor) can not but continue, in order to maintain control increasingly strong on Italy…. This explains the reluctance of italian parties to give up Monti’s government and the “judicial” action to silence all opposition.

Receipts from U.S. sources next conflict – wrote Joseph Farah, an experienced American journalist with good sources, now next to Ron Paul, confirms: “The Russian army expected an attack on Iran will take place in summer, and has developed a action plan to move Russian troops in Armenia through Georgia, which borders the Islamic republic, according to Russian sources informed. Victor Ozerov, the head of the Russian Security Council said that the headquarters has prepared an action plan in case of attack on Iran”

So as the analyst Barozzi Maurice, sayd: “International politics is subject to many unpredictable and variable turns. I personally think that if the West fails in some way to “tame” Russia, by the summer there are very strong danger of a war by incalculable consequences. The West (read USA), with all the factions that constitute it, of a financial nature and razzial-religious, is well aware of being at a historic crossroads, where it needs to eliminate, here and now, before it’s too late, interference to the constitution of an absolute world power. However, if the information we receive is correct, namely that Russia is gearing up to protect Iran militarily, this time for the US-Israel will not be the usual, convenient and safe walking military preceded by a carpet of bombs on a nation helpless … ”

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P. S. As for the understanding and consequences of the economic crisis watch this short cartoon explaining the Global Economic Collapse (near future …) with a cartoon: article.php? storyId = 3977

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