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Jews - Federal Reserve, Obama's czars, NASDAQ, Bible, Holocaust... Comments and myths


I am constantly searching for material that shows exactly WHO the real criminals are on planet Earth right now, and how they have the insane goal of world domination within their sights, and thus the total enslavement of the rest of mankind as the result. I have made it my goal to present such material here in this blog for
everyone to see and judge for themselves as to its validity. Such is one amazing article that I came across just today!

I want to present the following important article, that comes from a
website:"Imagine A World Without Jews", at, that although written over a
year ago, is still very valid ot this day. It shows a list of the
MYTHS perpetrated on us all to keep us all enslaved to these
criminals. I have some of my own comments to follow:

The Myths that Keep You Enslaved to the Jew

The Jews are parasites and have created elaborate myths so that they
can feed on you without you noticing. If you want freedom you must
overcome all of these myths, end the trance within your mind. This is
a personal journey of self discovery, it takes a while and many will
be unable to do so in their short lifetimes.

Top myths that bond you to Jewish despotism:

1. The Federal Reserve will eliminate economic depressions and smooth
out the business cycle. The Fed was created by Jewish bankers with
the express intention of exploiting and gaining political control of
industrial economy. The Federal Reserve is injecting fiat currency
into the market place when they buy government bonds, they very act of
doing so causes wild speculation and bubbles. As each artificial
bubble bursts more fiat is injected producing and even larger bubble
until a collapse occurs that they can not stop. The Great Depression
was caused by the Federal Reserve, it was the first big bubble that
popped, an even worse depression is currently forming because the real
estate bubble popped and deflation is gaining strength. The Fed does
not stop depressions, it causes them. At the end of the exploitation
the Jews set up internal police forces so that wakening Americans
can't resist, eventually though, the Jews will have to terminate
America, but only after every last dime is stolen.

The Fed started inflating in 1913 causing the "Roaring Twenties" and
1930's depression:

6,000,000 Jews died somewhere. The Jews use the magic number of 6
million over and over to spellbind the public into believing that Jews
are victims. 6,000,000 was used 23 times before World War 2, the
Holocaust story was invented after WW2 so that the retribution and
humiliation against Jews could be turned into a profit for them. With
the Holohoax the Jews could get the world to focus on their victimhood
status and they could extort billions. There is no truth with the
Jews, they don't care what actually happened, the Jews spin defeats
into propaganda victories.

Headline dated July 19, 1921 one of many examples of Jews using the
magic 6,000,000 number

3. The Jews were Heroes at Masada. No one knows what happened at
Masada besides the Roman victors, no where in any Jewish document is
there a mention of the seige at Masada, where Jews supposedly choose
suicide over Roman slavery. Rabbis religiously record all important
events in the Talmud scroll, the siege at Masada is never mentioned.
Masada was one of the greatest events in Jewish history but not
recorded in any Jewish book. Jewish archeology is state propaganda,
the excavated bodies found at Masada turned out to be pig bones.
Every Jewish student in Israel takes a tour of Masada even though it
is a hoax. Masada myth is just the same as the Holocaust myth which
is just the same as the 911 myth, fabrications out of whole cloth.

In 66 AD the Jewish Zealots revolt against Roman rule, they flee to
Jerusalem, the city is sacked in 70 AD, Jews are wiped out, their
holiest temple burned to the ground, the Zealots flee to Masada and
are sieged by Rome in 72 AD, all Jews are wiped out a year later.
This series of events is the worst defeat for the Jews ever, the
Masada myth is like the Holocaust myth, respinning history so that
Jews are seen as victors.

4. Government agencies regulate business and prevent monopolies. Is
the EPA protecting the environment? Did the EPA do a single thing to
stop BP from dumping millions of gallons of Corexit and oil into the
ocean? Or does the existence of the EPA disempower you from doing
something about pollution caused by criminals?

Worst environmental disaster and the EPA is nowhere to be found at the
cleanup or during Corexit use:

Does the SEC stop wild speculation and Wall Street ripoffs? Or do
these agencies provide a smokescreen for criminal Jew enterprises? Jew
Bernie Madoff stole $70,000,000,000 yet was a securities regulator at
NASDAQ. He's only in jail because he got caught ripping off his
fellow Jews.

Monopolies can only exist because government laws prevent competition.
The government doesn't stop monopolies, it enforces them.

5. Global Warming is caused by carbon emissions. CO2 is a trace gas
that can not cause anything, atmospheric CO2 levels result from ocean
temperatures. Water vapor is 96% of the greenhouse gas, man made CO2
is 0.117%. The earth is cooling, the real threat is another ice age,
anthropocentric caused CO2 is so minor that it is having absolutely no
effect. Because of this myth, real environmental issues are ignored,
corporations promote global warming while they pollute. Habitat is
destroyed while people's focus is diverted to a non issue. With
global warming no real environmental issue will be addressed, the real
purpose of the global warming hoax is to enslave mankind based on
carbon emissions and use the monies to create a worldwide Jew World

Man made CO2 is 0.117% of the global warming gases, so close to zero it is zero

7. Voting matters, your vote counts. That's a real laugh, many
voting machines are electronic and can be remoted tampered with. If
all of the people in power are Jews and the Jews are less than 2% of
the population, then how is it your vote matters? If you vote you are
putting your rubber stamp of approval on a corrupt and rigged system,
you are psychically empowering the evil doers. Voting between Sarah
Palin and Mike Huckabee the Jew whores vs. Obama and Hillary the Jew
whores is no choice at all.

AIPAC merging Israel with the United States, at what point will you
see the Jewish conspiracy?

Obama's czars are all Jews (what an amazing coincidence!)

Economic Czar – Larry Summers
Regulatory Czar – Cass Sunstein
Pay Czar – Kenneth Feinberg
Guantanamo/Military Jails Czar – Daniel Fried
Car Czar – Ron Bloom
Border Czar – Alan Bersin
Climate Czar – Todd Stern
TARP Czar – Herb Allison
Non proliferation Czar – Gary Samore
Terrorism Czar – John O. Brennan
Science Czar – John Holdren
White House Medical Czar – Ezekiel Emanuel
Environmental Czar – Carol Browner
Domestic Violence Czar – Lynn Rosenthal
Govt. Performance Czar – Jeffrey Zients

8. The Sanctity of Marriage. Two persons committing to each in
ritual is wonderful, legal marriage is insane because a third party,
the state, is entered into a contractual relationship. Once the non
working spouse figures out that all can be had through divorce, the
marriage is doomed and divorce inevitable. Marriage is a good way to
extort money and houses by unscrupulous partners. With the
institution of marriage the church makes money, the state makes money,
attorneys make money and the person actually making the money is
screwed for life. No wonder the Jew licensed churches promote the
idea of "god" condoning the sanctity of marriage.

Women under 18 have a 70% chance of divorce in 20 years, its about the
money and who controls it, with divorce the woman gets control of the
man's money, the high divorce rate is caused by the Talmudic laws that
the Jews write. Even if the man is the perfect provider and husband,
the wife will automatically get custody EVEN THOUGH SHE DOESN'T OWN A

American men have yet to figure out that they are getting screwed by
design, Jews are intentionally destroying the American male because
that is who is a threat to Jewish power. Jews are aware of what is
going on and when a male Jew gets married teams of Jewish lawyers
write prenuptial agreements into the marriage contract. Getting
married in America is financial suicide for the man, those men that
can't pay alimony or child support lose their driver's license because
the welfare system is run by militant male hating Jew lesbian dyke
parasitic psychopaths social workers.

9.. Liberals are trying to get our guns. Bible believing
Conservatives think the liberals are out to get our guns. How stupid
can you get? It is the Jews in Congress that want your guns, ALL OF
pig Abe Foxman wants your gun because he's a Jew that wants you
stripped of any means to resist Jewish despotism. "Liberal" Senator
Joe Lieberman wants you gun because he's a treasonous Jew. The
Communistic Bolshevik Revolution was written beforehand by the Jew
Karl Marx and carried out by New York Jews. Brain dead conservative
commentators fail to make the connection that the "liberals" and
"communists" are Jews with an agenda of destroying the Constitution
because they are racist supremacists.

Israeli Jews are fully armed with automatic weapons while Jews in the
USA try to disarm Americans, Jews want you disarmed because they want
to treat you like Palestinians.

10. God will save us. The god of the Bible does not exist, there is
no god that can save us from our folly. There is absolutely no
evidence that anything like divine intervention will stop us from
destroying our minds, bodies, environment, planet or anything of real
importance to the survival of the self or the species. Because of
this myth, people await god's return even as everything is destroyed.
Take a look around you, where is this all powerful god? There are
Jews with tremendous political and money power wrecking society and
culture and everything we hold dear because we foolishly believe in
the Jew god.
The Judeo Christian death cult turns metaphysics upside down, we are
taught to believe that the evil-murdering-psychopathic god is "good",
we are taught that the evil-murdering-psychopathic Jews are god's
chosen and "holy", we are told that we must help god the all powerful
god kill. Christians think John 3:16 is a great verse when in fact
John 3:16 is the most evil verse ever penned; "omniscient" god
tortures and kills his only son to fix his creation and his judgmental
sociopathological animosity toward humanity.

11. The Bible is the Word of God. The bible is a record of Jew
atrocities. The Jews are the biggest liars and plagiarists, they
wrote the Bible not some god. If you believe in the Jew written Bible
then you are making the Jew your god not to mention that your brain
will be so confused you won't be able to discern reality ever again.

No creator god picks one race over all others and tells them to kill
other parts of creation, but that is what the Bible says, the Bible
says the Jews were chosen by god to destroy everyone else.

12. Jesus is your god and personal savior. There was no Christ or
Jesus, there is no need of salvation because there is no angry sky god
Jehovah out to get you because there are no commandments or sin or
eternal punishment. You can not be kept from god because god is the
whole and you are part of the whole. The savior myth is an elaborate
mind game, the greatest story ever sold. The entire Christian myth is
plagiarized from sun worship, word for word, detail for detail.

Christ dying on the cross and rising in 3 days is a metaphor for the
winter solstice. December 25th the Sun is born again after not moving
for 3 days at the lowest point in the sky, do you think that Christmas
on the same day is coincidence?

NTS Notes: This is one of the hardest articles that I have presented
for some time. I put it up with the full understanding of freedom of
information and freedom of free speech (while we still have either)
for everyone to see and judge for themselves.

Of course one of the listed myths that I cannot comment on is the
Jewish Holocaust of World War II, due to the fact that I live in
Canada, and thus am restricted by the Jewish imposed "Hate Laws" to
ever comment or pass my own personal judgment on that part of history.
I leave it up to my readers to research and of course pass their own
judgment on that part of our "history".

I will say that it is an interesting list, and can be easily backed
and proven by any research you can all do for yourselves. As we
continue to rush into war for our Jewish masters in Tel Aviv, it is
important for everyone to see for themselves how these criminals have
destroyed our society and possibly our future....

More to come





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