lunedì 15 agosto 2016

USA. Campaign in support of Jill Stein, U.S. presidential candidate

Dear Friend, this year’s presidential race is “from hunger.” The major political parties have presented the American people with two of the most wretched, ethically-challenged candidates in American history.

Many call them villains. We have to agree.

Jill Stein is the only candidate who puts people over profits every time. She’s also the only candidate in the race that stands with the American voter on common-sense policies including...
  • Getting off fossil fuel by 2030 to stop climate change
  • A Green New Deal jobs program that would provide 20 million good jobs to replace and repair our crumbling infrastructure
  • Making higher education tuition-free to all
  • Single-payer health care as a right
    Many are finding out about Jill’s platform - many are listening.
And that’s why the buzz is growing about Jill every single day. In less than a week, Jill and Ajamu Baraka her running mate, will be appearing on prime-time TV! They'll answer questions from a live audience about their plan to create an economy that works for all of us  - at their first CNN Town Hall. 

This is a boon to our campaign--it means our message is getting out!

Ever since the Presidential Nominating Convention in Houston a week ago, we've been bombarded by the mainstream media (The GuardianThe New York Times, and Fox News to name a few) and alternative media (Democracy Now!, The Young Turks and MintPress News), as well as countless other outlets.

Plus a new McClatchy/Maris poll shows Jill Stein at 16% support from Millennials!
Overall, among registered voters, the same poll shows Jill at 6% among registered voters -- 300% more than 2 months ago!

While this is all fantastic news, be careful what you wish for, because our campaign's need for money is also growing at just as fast a pace. We're staffing up even more to get the work done, most notably our aggressive 50-state ballot access plan to get Jill in front of voters in every state in the union.

Not only that, but our new campaign commercials aired last week on MSNBC and other major broadcast channels. And they were expensive - they cost our campaign $650,000.

With your help we will continue with our aggressive ballot access work in states where Jill needs to be on the ballot and we will be able to pay for the major media exposure Jill needs on the national stage.
Don’t believe that by supporting Jill's presidential candidacy you are wasting your vote or making Trump inevitable.

Hillary could possibly be worse. When it comes to militarism and wars of aggression, she's got a horrifying track record - leading the rush into Libya, her vote for the war in Iraq, and her threat to bomb Iran.
She also supported the deportations of undocumented immigrants—including women and children. And on climate, incredibly, she even established an office to promote fracking around the world - while she was Secretary of State.
It’s time isn’t it? Time to resist the lesser evil and fight for the greater good, like our lives depend on it, because they do.

Gloria Mattera
Campaign Chair

P.S. We do not take corporate contributions. We are the last real-person, pay-as-we-go, clean-money campaign still standing. Please give $5 (or more) today.
P.S. This is an urgent, unprecedented moment in history, with people everywhere rising up for an America and a world that works for all of us. Will you contribute today to help ensure we maintain Jill’s momentum?

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