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Lay Spirituality according to Anindya Roy: "The Truth never left us..."

The Truth never left us

Irrespective of what religion you follow or born in, the idea of God is that which is true. What is true must remain true for always and for every condition and should not be impacted by anything.

That which is present in all things - living and non-living and with us at all times.

What IS IT ?

Inspite of the fact the truth is connected to us at all times, yet sometimes we may not be able to always recognize that, and look here and there trying to search the real.

I will tell you how to taste it right now. You do not have to wait for chittasuddhi to experience the real.

The real always manifests as real in everyone. So then what is it ? How is it reflected in everything and everyone ?

The real is always reflected as the real, and hence can make everything and anything look real on which it falls. On where it falls is not real, but it fullfills it.

Call it 'awareness' or 'Brahman' or 'Truth'. It is omnipresent always in the form of NOW.

It is this awareness that gives everything the stamp of real. This is what creates the NOW.

The reality of the dream is only when it is experienced by the experiencer in the NOW. As a result all the contents seen in the dream appears to be real only during the dream at that moment; when that moment was in the NOW. The moment subjects and objects are outside the scope of NOW, they become memory and experiences, and looses the signficance of reality.

Our consciousness manifests only under awareness; i.e. always in the NOW. So, all of you 24/7 live in the NOW, and connected to the awareness. The world in the form of subject and object appears in this NOW. It is the NOW that is unchanging absolute - AWARENESS. You are the NOW.

Yet, we are not satisfied and want to eliminate the object and subject that arises in the NOW, to experience only the NOW and nothing else. We call it samadhi. Sadhana is required to dissolve the world. But nothing is required to be the NOW.

What is an illusion ?

That which appears as real but later we find is unreal is called illusion. Dream certainly fits this definition and can be verified by each and everyone. Dream appears to be real when the dream is being dreamt - i.e. when the dream appears in the present moment - NOW. When wake state enters the NOW, dream falls outside of the NOW and becomes unreal, and the wake becomes REAL as it exists in the NOW at that point.

So, it is not the contents experienced in the NOW which is real, but the NOW-ness which makes the contents appear REAL.

So, it is the NOW - which is omnipresent and pervades all states (WAKE, SLEEP, DREAM). You cannot define NOW, as the contents seen or experienced in the NOW is always changing, so non-real, but it is the NOW which is unchanging and present always. Consciousness arises at individual jeeva due to ego and manifests at different degrees.

The consciousness is also present - in the NOW but individual consciousness is not eternal. It will arise and dissolve with each jeeva in the NOW. Awareness can only be experienced through the window of consciousness. It is the individual consciousness which gives us the perception to always recognize the NOW.

Do you know any jeeva which does not have the ability to recognize the NOW ?

Whether the jeeva exists or not, i.e. (individual consciousness exists or not), NOW will always remain. NOW is that TRUTH - indivisible, infinite REAL.

Enjoy the NOW, and Stay REAL.

With Best Wishes
Anindya Roy

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